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Graphic and Web Design

5 non-negotiables to boost your branding

Branding. For some it’s a necessary evil and doesn’t go much further than a half baked logo slapped onto a letterhead.

For others it’s a religion, seeping into every aspect of communication, strategy and consumer engagement.

We’ve all been terrorised at some point by an unyielding marketing manager flipping their lid about a misplaced logo, and wondered why on earth it matters so much.

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Social Media Best Practices

How to make sure Facebook’s new algorithms don’t kill your social strategy

Noticed a lack of holiday pics, pet snaps and plates full of food on your Facebook feed recently? Aside from giving us all a reprieve from the insufferable oversharing of friends and family, the gradual shift to business centric content on Facebook was an absolute blessing for marketers. But the golden days of the social marketplace are about to end. Why?

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