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10 Ways to Increase Twitter Engagement

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Twitter is one of the most popular social networks and with good reason – it has more than 310 million users, with a good chance that some of them might well be in your target audience. One hundred million people use the network every day,  which is a decent audience to pitch to, provided you do it right. In this post, FrogOnline looks at some of the best ways to engage your Twitter audience.


But first, what is engagement on Twitter?

When you look at your Twitter Analytics, you will see a list of factors which, together, constitute your Twitter engagement statistics. It includes:

  • the number of impressions (over a 28 day period)your engagement rate (over a 28 day period)
    Tweets with the most engagement
    types of engagement
    average number of likes, clicks, retweets and replies per day
    number of video views received
    conversion tracking (it tracks responses and engagement to your Twitter Ads)

All in all, engagement is a crucial indicator about how well your account is doing on Twitter, and it is the platform on which you grow your social media success.

How to Improve Your Twitter Engagement

1. Keep it Short, Silly

Twitter is legendary for restricting your character limit, but it is important to avoid maxing out your character count. Tweets with 110 characters or less tend to receive a 17% higher engagement rate. Also, followers wishing to retweet, won’t have to edit your tweets before adding their comments.

2: Stick to Day Time

It seems redundant, but your tweets are bound to receive more interaction in the daytime hours (8am-7pm) in your audience’s time zone. Ise Tweroid’s tool to find out when your audience is most active.

3. Engage Other Users

You get what you give in life, and on Twitter. Engage with your audience by liking, commenting on and retweeting your audience’s tweets. It will also help you build social proof.

4. Retweet Other Tweets

It’s one thing to like someone’s tweet, but it is quite another to like it enough to retweet it. Retweeting is a fantastic way to validate the content, and that will ensure that you are noticed by your audience and perceived as an authority in the field.

5. Be Responsive

When someone leaves you a comment or direct message, be sure to get back to them timeously, even if it is not an entirely positive comment. Make sure that your comments turn around objectives and inspire confidence in your clients or prospects.

6. Use Twitter Ads

Need Twitter engagement in a hurry? Try Twitter Ads. This is a great way to get engagement in a hurry, even if your account is relatively new with only a few followers. While Twitter Ads do cost money, it is a great way to increase engagement. Try promoted tweets for this purpose.

Conversational Ads can help increase brand influence and engagement. Much like promoted tweets, they use calls-to-action and encourage users to tweet using customizable hashtags the brand may select.

7. Use Video

Images get more engagement than text, but video still trumps images. You can record a video from your phone in a jiffy, or upload an existing video of up to 30 seconds. This is awesome, since 82% of Twitter users enjoy watching video content on the platform.

8. Ask for it!

Want more retweets? Ask for it directly inside the post. You could simply add “please RT” to the text, or you could offer an incentive to encourage followers to retweet.

9. Stick to a schedule

Posting too often, or too close together, will actually drop your engagement. The ideal frequency for posting on Twitter, is between 1-3 times daily. But instead of posting all the tweets at once, space them out evenly throughout the peak hours.

10. Shorten your links

Since Twitter only allows 140 characters, use or a similar service to shorten your links. While links are no longer part of the character limit, it still looks better to use shortened URLs.

Do you have more tips to increase engagement on Twitter? Please feel free to share in comments.

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