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5 reasons you should be using graphic design as a communication tool

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Graphic design is a critical component of digital marketing that can ultimately make or break your brand. Modern graphic design is an art form, and you won’t be able to tick the box with a few fancy fonts and hi-res images. 

Considered, professional design will give you a competitive advantage and become one of your most effective communication tools. 

Why is graphic design important for your business? There is a long list of advantages, but we’ve narrowed it down to our top five. Discover how you can use it to boost your brand and connect with your customers. 

Make your first impression count

You never get a second chance to make a first impression, so make the first one memorable! This means using graphic design to create your brand identity, ensuring artwork is unique to your brand and consistent across all touchpoints. Your design elements should appeal to your target audience, complement your brand’s tone of voice and make a positive, long lasting impression. 

Build your credibility 

If you’re searching for a product or service and you’ve narrowed it down to a few final contenders, what’s the deciding factor for you? It will often come down to credibility and trust. Realistically, it’s highly unlikely you’ll trust a brand that’s still using old school Microsoft Word Art. 

Building your brand’s credibility starts with creating an identity that your customers are attracted to. How do you achieve this? Surprise, surprise – graphic design. Generate useful content for your audience and showcase it in a way that makes it memorable. Professionally designed content that solves your audiences’ pain points will help to build your credibility. 

Deliver strong messages

Words alone aren’t enough in most cases. Your customers are being bombarded with competitor messaging, the question is- how will yours stand out above the rest? 

Take advantage of visuals to deliver your messages. Ensure they compliment your copy, rather than compete with it, and that they support the message you’re sending without distracting your audience. It can be a fine art to master, but a graphic designer can help to create cohesion between your copy and artwork. 

Boost landing page conversions

Design and user experience go hand-in-hand when it comes to your website’s landing pages. An appealing design will grab the attention of new prospects and decrease the likelihood of them bouncing. An attractive design will encourage them to explore your website and the products or services you’re offering. An experienced web designer can help you to create continuity and identify the principle visual elements needed to design a high-converting landing page. 

Graphics can also be used to help guide your customer. For example, you might use graphic design to make your call-to-actions stand out. When paired with powerful language, graphics can significantly increase click-through conversion rates. 

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Create brand recognition 

Brand recognition is achieved through various graphic design elements, including your brand’s logo, colour palette, typography, imagery and graphics. Strong and consistent graphic design will give your brand a point of difference and will help you to become front of mind for consumers. Establish your brand’s unique visual elements from day one and stick with them. If you’ve strayed from the path over time, it’s never too late to reset, redefine your brand identity or even invest in a complete rebrand. 

Even if you’ve got an eye for design, it can be a timely exercise when it comes to creating engaging visual content across all channels. If you want to get your brand looking and feeling good, get in touch with our team. We specialise in all aspects of graphic design, from brand strategy to logo design and print. If you’re ready to build your brand and take your business to the next level, get in touch with us today. 

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