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Google Ads

5 Steps to a Profitable Adwords Campaign

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More companies are turning to pay per click campaigns to reach their audiences online. While it can be a profitable method for securing business, you really need to know what you’re doing – or else you will just be throwing your money away. AdWords is a powerful tool, which – used correctly – can take your business to the next level. It starts with a checklist of key factors to check off before you pull out your credit card.

Checklist for a Successful Adwords Campaign


Adwords provides a great way for people looking for what you have to offer, to find you online. We all like to think that everyone wants to buy what we’re selling, but it is a good idea to verify search volumes, using the AdWords Keyword Tool.  Like a thesaurus, you enter what you think people are searching for, and the tool will suggest relevant phrases that are similar. It will also show you:

  • search frequency
    costs per keywords

When you’re tallying up the figures, ask yourself:

Do people actually use this search phrase? Low search volumes indicate that few people are using that keyword to find you.
What is the intention of the keyword or phrase? Use keywords that point to a person’s intention to buy, rather than to research.


To ensure you are going after keywords that make financial sense, you will have to do some sums. The maximum cost per click (CPC) is determined by:

  • your website’s conversion rate
    profit per customer
    target profit margin

Ensure that your maximum CPC more or less matches the estimated CPC in the Keyword Tool. If the estimated CPC is higher than your maximum CPC, you will first have to find a way to increase your conversion rate and your profit per customer to ensure that you are profitable.

Competitive Espionage

You can reduce your own risk by leveraging your competitors’ intel. Most companies will already have competitors who have tested out optimized campaigns. This means that they already know which keywords to use, and which not. You can “hack” into their intelligence using a handy tool called KeywordSpy, which collects all your competitors’ historical advertising data.

An Offer That Can’t be Refused

An AdWords campaign is only as effective as your conversion rate. Your offer needs to be irresistable, so make it valuable, believable and risk-free. The call-to-action should make the next step crystal clear steps to help the prospect convert.

Relevant Landing Pages

When your prospect clicks on your ad, your landing page should provide relevant information that is congruent with the ad. The content on your landing page should keep and expand on the promise of the ad.

Note: Your landing page and your home page don’t share the same purpose and objectives. A homepage is aimed at explaining your business in more detail, while a landing page is created for the purpose of achieving a specific goal.

It takes time and effort to strategise, plan and carry out a successful AdWords campaign. Tracking and analytics ensure that you stay on track and that you achieve your advertising objectives – but more on that in future posts. Need help creating and tracking your campaigns? Get in touch with FrogOnline.

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