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5 Tips On Choosing The Right Digital Marketing Agency

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Want to grow your business in an increasingly online world?

You need stellar Digital Marketing.

But how to choose?! If you’ve Googled ‘Digital Marketing Agency’ yet … you’ve probably realised there are a million to choose from out there, and it can be seriously overwhelming.

Our digital marketing team have put together our top 5 tips to help you sort the wannabes from the pros and choose the right agency to help your business grow.

Tip 1. Map out what you need and why you need it

Do you “just want more customers” or do you have a clear set of goals and KPIs? While any agency worth their salt will be able to create the right strategies to get you bang for your buck, the clearer you are on what you want from engaging a digital marketing team, the easier it is to decide if who you choose will be the right fit. Have you decided on a budget? Do you know how much gaining a new customer is worth to you? Do you need SEO, website design, Ad Words AND Email marketing? Make sure they can tick all those boxes – the results are more effective when created, optimised and managed by one provider.

Tip 2. Do they track results?

Don’t give your money to any company who can’t offer clear and trackable ways (phone numbers, analytics, etc.) to transparently show you the return on every dollar you are investing, exactly what is working and which channels it is coming from. Ask if they can set clear KPIs for each service they offer, so you can quickly see if what they are doing is meeting what you have defined as your success margins.

Tip 3. Do your research

Don’t just trust their fancy website and business cards… it’s all about the demonstration of real results. Ask for samples of previous work to see the success stories of their previous clients – can you clearly see the results they achieved? What do their customers say about them? Read their Google reviews and reviews on their social media channels – nowadays you don’t need to be a PI to do a generous amount of stalking!

Tip 4. How does their OWN business look online?

Are they practicing what they preach? Did you find them on the top of the page or through an engaging ad? Do they have a current blog and engaging website that makes you want to work with them? If they can do it well for themselves while also running successful marketing for others (as you have seen from all your research!) then they are walking the talk.

Tip 5. What does their process look like?

Once you’ve had a chat or been sent a brief, you will quickly see how thorough they are when it comes to getting to know you and your business. If they take the time to ask insightful questions and understand your goals and objectives, then they are a good partner to help your business grow. Good communication and clearly defined KPIs are the key to getting results!

At FrogOnline we know thing or two about digital marketing and would love to discuss your online marketing needs, to see if we are a good fit for your business. Contact us today!

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