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5 Tips On Choosing The Right Social Media Marketing Agency

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So it’s time to get social – but how do you choose the right social media marketing agency for your business?

For any ongoing service, you want to make sure your first choice is the right choice, otherwise it’s just a waste of effort and money – and no-one’s got time for that!

Our social media team have put together our top 5 tips to help you choose the agency that is right for you, your goals and your business… because we know it’s crowded out there!

Tip 1. Map out what you need and why you need it

Sounds obvious, but this is a step that is often missed out! While you do need to trust the experts to recommend the right strategies, the clearer you are on what you want upfront, the easier it is to ask the right questions and decide if a company will be the right fit. Do you have a budget or ideal return on whatever you invest? You need to be able to set clear KPIs for what you expect them to deliver – so what would success look like to you? Is it customer engagement? Increase in the size of your reach and community? Do you need to generate a specific amount of profit?

Setting clear goals at the outset will make the whole process easier.

Tip 2. Do your research

They might have a fancy website – but can they actually back that up with results? Make sure you ask for samples of previous work and read their reviews on Google and their own social media accounts. Look at their current clients and see how their socials are doing. They should also be able to provide success stories from clients where you can clearly see the data and results.

3. Do they track results?

This is a MUST! If they don’t offer clear and trackable ways to show you the return on every dollar you are investing – how are you supposed to know if their service is working?! They should be able to offer phone and analytics tracking, and break down the reports into the dollars/numbers you’ve made from the money you’ve spent with them. If someone can charge $3,000 a month – but can show you that your return was $20,000… just take our money already.

4. What do they charge?

If you get 5 quotes from 5 companies, do NOT choose the lowest option, they are cheap for a reason. Social media marketing done right requires a high time-investment by skilled professionals – so if what they are charging seems cheap, they won’t be putting in the time needed for your marketing to deliver. You want them to be charging for constant monitoring and optimisation, not just the cost for them to set-and-forget. If the highest price seems outrageous – do more research into that company and especially the TRACKABLE results they guarantee. If you spend twice as much with them a month, but they will deliver ten times that in results, then they are worth their price tag. If they can’t prove how they measure success, go with a company in the medium-high side of the scale.

5. Can they tick all your boxes?

Social media management requires great imagery, engaging video content, advertising expertise, understanding of current trends, automation (chat bots, etc.), tailored content strategies, and more. Do they do social management and content creation; e.g. video, animations, photography, etc? Can they also run full ad campaigns – for both social and your website? If your goal is to outsource the entire package, it’s important to establish upfront if a company has the capability to do it all.

If not, you then have to hunt around for multiple providers or end up doing more yourself!

A good social media management company will drastically increase your reach and skyrocket your business growth – but it’s important to do your homework before you make your choice and jump on board!

At FrogOnline we love being social. Contact us today to discuss your social media needs and let’s find out how we can help.

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