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5 Ways to Spend Your $500 Graphic Design Voucher at FrogOnline

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By now, everyone has heard about the FrogOnline Christmas Promo – unless they live under a waterlily leave, that is… To recap, FrogOnline is giving away a FREE $500 graphic design gift voucher to everyone who signs up for a Be Seen or Sell Online website subscription package before the 25th of December 2015. That’s a pretty awesome gift, seeing as your new website will probably carry fresh new branding to enhance your company image.

Here are some of the best ways to spend your $500 graphic design gift voucher at FrogOnline:

A New Logo

Many companies like to start the new year fresh with a website facelift, which makes this promo ideal, if you’re in that situation. Why not let us tweak your logo to reflect your company’s image more effectively?

Promotional Flyers

Boost your sales in January with a cool promotion. They say a picture speaks a thousand words, so use your voucher towards a visually appealing promotional flyer.

New Stationery

Marketing experts recommend that companies unify their company image across all their marketing materials. Let FrogOnline create a consistent company image for your invoice books, business cards, and letterheads.

Your Catalogue

It’s true that more people than ever are buying online these days, but a high percentage of sales come from offline catalogues. Isn’t it time to invest in a beautiful new product brochure for your business?

Website Graphics

A visually rich website can capture the attention of your audience and send a strong message to your target market. Let us create unique headers, web graphics, social media graphics and infographics to get your message across to your visitors.

The possibilities are endless when it comes to creating rich media experiences that enhance your brand. Take advantage of this opportunity to create a strong visual brand by ordering your FrogOnline Be Seen or Sell Online subscription package today. You will receive a $500 gift voucher to use towards any of our graphic design services, which are billed at standard hourly rates.

Find out more about our Be Seen or Sell Online packages, here.

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