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6 Often-Missed Landing Page Conversion Tips

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Every business can benefit from landing pages that turn visitors into clients. High conversion rates bring more customers and therefore, more profit potential. Your landing page helps to capture leads, warming them up to your products or services before moving them further along your sales funnel. Therefore, your landing page should present your business in the best possible light. In this post, we look at the different ways in which you can optimise your landing page conversion rate.

6 Landing Page Conversion Hacks Nobody Has Told You About

Keeping your most important content above the fold, and creating urgency through your call-to-action go without saying.  We all know that we have 5 seconds to impress a visitor to keep them from clicking out of the landing page. These tips will show you how to do that. Apply these tips to make your landing pages convert like never before.

1. Make it Matter

Every word, every colour, every font, every image and every element of your landing page should be chosen strategically. Remove any filler content to leave behind only that which matters. Better yet, first consider the strategic reasoning behind everything you include on your landing page. This will ensure that  your page is easy to navigate.

2. Be Focused

A landing page should have a singular focus, with one intended action in mind. Don’t confuse prospects by adding too many options or calls-to-action. If need be, cut your copy by half to ensure that whatever you say is relevant only to the purpose of this specific landing page. Likewise, limit the distractions by reducing the amount of images and forms and use bullet points to draw attention to important facts.

3. Make it Consistent

Consistency refers to both the information you provide, and the user experience.

Consistency of information: Make sure that the information matches on different pages in the site, for example prices, amounts of clients you have helped, etc.
Consistency of UX: Provide a consistent user-experience that is comfortable for your visitors. While you want to constantly evolve your site, it should be done in a way that does not overwhelm your visitors. Consider changing in increments.

4. Make the Most of Whitespace

A clean design with beautiful visuals and only the most important text will leave whitespace. That’s a good thing! We’re no longer in kindergarten where we have to fill in every pixel on a page.

5. Make the Most of Landing Page Marketing

Your call to action is the most important element on your landing page. This is the place where you take your visitor to the next step in your funnel. The words should be short, sweet and to the point. Make sure that you make an offer they can’t refuse. Use words such as:

  • Free
    Book Now

6. Make Them Want It

Your company tagline provides a great opportunity to show visitors why they shoud choose you over your competitors. Then, create a sense of urgency to entice them to act immediately. Use phrases such as:

  • Only 3 left
    Limited supply
    Don’t miss out

6. Make it SEO Friendly

Using SEO in your landing page is a must, since it will help drive traffic to the site.

  • Use keywords in your page title
    Use keywords and phrases in your page content
    Insert social share buttons
    Use relevant meta tags

When you create your landing page, don’t forget to insert your contact details. Of course, the form is key to getting signups and inquiries, but someone may want to ask you questions before taking that step. Insert your contact details at the top and bottom of your page.

Did you find this list helpful? Do you have any valuable tips to add? We would love to hear from you – so please leave your tips in comments below.

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