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6 Things to Ask Your Marketing Agency for in 2021


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As we head into 2021 it’s time to gear up for what is going to be another big year of market changes. For small to medium businesses keeping up with new market trends can be a challenge, especially if you’re also adapting your operations and offerings. Investing in marketing services in 2021 is a great way to outsource some of the hard work to ensure your business is still getting the exposure and new business you need.

If you’re considering engaging with an agency or continuing on with your existing agency here are 6 key questions to ask your team to ensure your 2021 marketing strategy sets you up for success.

How is this strategy adapting to changing market behaviour?

With all the challenges of 2020 came many many changes in the way consumers purchase and businesses operate. When it comes to your marketing strategy for 2021 it’s absolutely essential that your marketing agency has a strong grasp on how to market behaviours have changed, and how they are going to build you a strategy that reflects the new needs and expectations of your target market.

What’s your plan for digital transformation and growth?

Top of the list for your marketing focus for 2021 should be agile digital transformation. The digital landscape is getting increasingly competitive right across the board as more and more business operations shift online. Your marketing agency should have a plan in place for agile transformation of a digital strategy that enables them to implement, test and transform digital projects in response to their effectiveness. Gone are the days where you can wait until the completion of a project and report on less than satisfactory results. Your agency should have the skill and capacity to launch and evolve projects as soon as they start getting results.

What high-value content can you create?

For a while, the marketing sector speculated that the adage ‘content is king’ would die out as new digital trends emerged. That clearly hasn’t happened, and in fact, high-value content is playing an even bigger role than ever before throughout the whole sales funnel. Ask your marketing agency what their capacity is for creating engaging, high-value content. Things to find out include:

  • Do you have a content specialist on your team?
  • What skills do you have for video and graphics production?
  • How will you use content throughout the sales funnel?

How can we increase conversion?

Speaking of the sales funnel, make sure your marketing agency has a clear idea and plan for how to boost your conversion. So many marketing agencies place their focus on acquisition and getting you leads, which is fine if that’s all you want. But it’s important to have a consistent experience for your new leads to ensure you continue to increase your conversions. Ask your agency what the strategy is for conversion, and how they plan to shape and improve your customer experience.

What data will you use to inform our strategy? How will it be used?

Repeat after us: data, data, data. If you’re forking out a decent investment in marketing you want to know that your agency is making educated decisions when building your strategy. Ask them to explain to you what data they are going to use to inform the strategy. Data is only as useful as your ability to interpret it, so you should also ask your agency to outline the insights they get from the data and how this will inform their decisions.

What is your plan for customer retention?

It costs a lot of money to attract and convert new customers, so having a strong retention strategy is vital to make sure you’re getting a good return on your investment. Ask your marketing agency how they plan to support and/or lead your customer retention activities. Also, make sure you are clear on how retention will be measured and agree on what success looks like for you.

Looking for an agency that can help you create a data-informed full-funnel strategy in 2021? Call us on 1300 376 466 or contact us here to have a chat about how we can set up a strategy for your business.

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