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7 Factors Of a Powerful Facebook Page

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A Facebook page is a fantastic tool for every business – and particularly for small businesses – to engage with their audience. It provides a fantastic platform for you to quickly spread news to your customers and to expand your reach to people who may not otherwise know that you’re in business.

Fifteen million Australians are on Facebook – that’s 62.5% of the population. Even if they are not all in your target market, and even if you’re not trying to expand your reach globally, it makes sense to have a Facebook page for your business.

Why (Specifically) Should You Have a Facebook Page?

  • It’s a great place to collect reviews and testimonials from clients.
    It’s a great place to engage with your audience.
    It allows you to take advantage of news feed ad placement right where your audience gathers.
    It allows you to quickly find out what your clients are thinking. Want to launch your product in a new colour, but not sure which of three choices? Ask away!
    It allows you to share opinions in a business capacity by leaving blog comments that are relevant to your business using your Facebook page to comment.
    Bad rankings on search engine pages? No worries! Facebook is a strong domain, so if someone sees your business name attached to a Facebook page, they will have no problem finding you.

Now let’s look at the essentials for creating a powerful Facebook Page.

4 Facebook Profile Must-Haves

1. Professionally designed social media graphics package

Your Facebook cover is the first thing people see when they click on your page,which is why it should be engaging and informative. Your profile picture goes with you wherever you like posts or make comments and should therefore be recognisable. It should look good. It’s well worth an investment in a professionally designed social media graphics package. If you plan to expand to the other networks, be sure to ask your designer to provide the correctly sized images to suit all the resolutions required by the various sites in order to create a unified brand across all platforms.

social media graphics

2.  Contact Methods and Details

Be approachable. A Facebook page should be the portal through which you communicate and welcome engagement with your audience. Add your contact details to the left-hand side of the page…

facebook page

and a call-to-action button to your page. The CTA button offers a variety of customisation options, so choose the one that suits your goals best.

facebook page


3.  Responsive Attitude

Respond to comments and messages in particular. You will see that Facebook has a responsiveness rating that shows just how well you serve your audience. That is a crucial part of your Facebook marketing. People are more likely to engage with an approachable company that responds to messages – people do business with people, not with businesses.

facebook page

4. Explain what your page is about, using the About section. Unless your company is called “House Plumbers”, people may not know what you actually do. Keep your information clear, succinct and to the point, and remember to include your keywords naturally. Where there’s an opportunity for a link, add it, as that allows visitors to find out more.


facebook page

Now that you have set up your Facebook Page, you want to know…

What to Post on Facebook

The fact that they don’t know what to post to Facebook, is one of the reasons why many small business avoid creating a page in the first place. But it’s not really that difficult, if you follow these guidelines.

5. Follow the 80/20 rule. That means that you should post relevant, interesting, non-marketing content 80% of the time, and promotional content 20% of the time. If you know your audience, you will know what interests them and what they would like to read.

6. Post photos and videos, because it has proven that that is the most engaging types of content on Facebook. Just make sure you size it correctly.

7. Also do post other types of content, such as interesting facts, information, and questions that inspire visitors to engage.

Finally, remember to leverage Facebook’s promotional posts, ads and audience targeting features.

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