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Are you cutting through the EOFY marketing noise?

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It’s that time of year.

The finance team are starting to sweat, and the finish line for any budget holder is getting uncomfortably close. While you may be neck deep in your own EOFY decision making – now is the best time to capitalise on trigger hungry spenders with excess budget and income to write off! So, what are some of the best EOFY marketing tips?

Think holistically with EOFY content


Arguably one of the worst things you could do – bar doing nothing – is to slap up some social media posts with a sloppy tile announcing it’s EOFY. We know. Everyone in business knows. The key is to create a full proof EOFY content strategy that will cut through the noise.

Do a quick audit of your owned channels be it social media, customer database, website, blogs or apps and make a plan. Make sure your messaging is consistent across all of your channels and offer engaging content rather than straight up advertising. Use your blogs, Instagram stories and newsletters to offer news, guides and product offering first – with an EOFY benefit as your as an added bonus rather than the main course.

Get clever with your offers:

Plenty of businesses and sole traders fall into the trap of thinking just because they don’t have a physical product to discount or sell off they’re restricted from cashing in on the last minute budget spends.

Just because your clients don’t need graphic design now, doesn’t mean they won’t soon. Same goes for pretty much any service offering.

Take advantage of unused budgets and on sell your time as a voucher or package to be used ongoing. Just remember to factor in your realistic capacity and 2018-19 strategy financial plans when deciding how much you can sell.

Review what worked and thrash it

You know all those monthly digital and social media reports you’ve been doing? No? Well, do them. You’ve got a years worth of data to reflect on what worked in your marketing arsenal. Now is not the time to get experimental – the market is flooded, competition and costs for digital are high, so figure out what you know will bring in your cash, and channel your resources and remaining budgets there.

Finally, if you don’t have time to run a full campaign at the very least make sure you’re harvesting low hanging fruit within your existing databases. Investing in some quality email marketing assistance can be just what you need to ensure you get the easy wins and see out your EOFY on a high.

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