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How To Beat The Instagram Algorithm In 2022

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If you’re working on your Instagram strategy for 2022, you’ve hopefully had some thoughts around the algorithm. The constantly evolving Instagram algorithm has unsurprisingly changed again, and we recommend spending some time to get to know its new characteristics. 

The algorithm isn’t one giant beast, but rather a number of different algorithms combined to keep us on our toes. However, the main objective is still to deliver content that will be of most interest to Instagram users. 

In this article we’ll explore how the algorithms have shifted in 2022 and what to consider when building your content strategy. Plus, we’ll give you tips on how to outsmart them, so you can increase engagement in 2022.

Instagram Feed Post Algorithm 2022

The main feed on Instagram has changed significantly over the years and long gone are the days of chronologically ordered posts. 

Instagram has confirmed the main factors determining the ranking of a post.

  • Whether the post is an image or video, when it was posted and how many likes it’s receiving
  • If the account is interesting to you, or you often engage with their content
  • The type of content you mostly engage with
  • How often you interact with that particular account 

In addition to this, your feed ranking is determined by how likely followers are to spend time on a post, like or comment on it, save it or visit your profile after seeing it. If you post content that your followers are likely to engage with, it will appear higher up in their feeds. 


  • Review insights and analytics regularly to get an idea of what’s working and what isn’t – ensure your content strategy reflects this
  • Always include a CTA, encouraging your followers to take action, click on your profile or visit your website

Instagram Stories Algorithm 2022

This algorithm is quite similar to the Feed posts algorithm. The stories that feature at the start of your Stories feed are generally from the accounts you interact with the most. 

It has become more common to swipe through stories as opposed to scrolling through the feed, and this means your brand has more chance of being seen through stories. The algorithm takes note of how many views your stories receive. The more views, the better your ranking. 


  • Post stories frequently to give yourself a greater chance of appearing in your followers’ Stories feed
  • Ensure your stories are engaging and prompt your followers to interact with your content

Instagram Reels Algorithm 2022

It’s rumoured that reels are the key to growth on Instagram. To win at this game you’ll need to put your thinking cap on and come up with some content that’s original, entertaining or inspiring.

It’s also worthwhile polishing your content creation skills when it comes to reels. Low resolution, poor quality videos suffer and are less likely to feature on the Explore Page or the Reels tab. 


  • Share reels to your main feed
  • Include captions and hashtags to increase discoverability 
  • Use filters, text and camera effects 

Instagram Explore Algorithm 2022

The Explore feed features content from accounts you don’t follow. Ding ding ding! This is where you’re going to grab the attention of prospective followers. The following are the key drivers for the algorithm. 

  • Likes, comments, shares and saves 
  • Previous interactions, has this person interacted with you before?
  • The type of posts you normally interact with in the Explore feed
  • How many people overall are interacting with the content 

Instagram users can also now search for content using keywords and hashtags. 


  • Share content regularly 
  • Use captions and hashtags to make your brand more discoverable on the Explore feed

Tips to Improve Your Ranking in 2022

If your aim is to increase your following in 2022, you’ll first need to get more engagement out of your current following. The best ways to build momentum and improve your ranking are:

1. Post more stories and use stickers 

Polls, Q&As, emoji sliders and quizzes are a great way to encourage your followers to interact with your posts. We recommend using a scheduling assistant to keep your stories consistent, and include a sticker on the first slide for an added boost. 

2. Create and share more reels

We strongly recommend gaining some momentum in posting reels in 2022. They’re becoming more and more popular on the app, and they’re featured quite heavily on the Explore feed. 

3. Write engaging captions

Comments and likes are important for the Post feed algorithm, so drive engagement with well written captions that ask questions and include a CTA to prompt your audience to take action. This can be as simple as – ‘tag a friend in the comments’ or ‘click the link in our bio to find out more’. 

4. Share your own content

If you post an image or a reel, share a preview or snippet of it on a story. This will encourage your followers to visit your profile to view the content in full. Instagram Collabs is another new feature for feed posts. It gives you the opportunity to post alongside another brand or individual and shares the content to their audience, as well as yours. This is an easy avenue to reaching a new audience.

5. Revisit your hashtag strategy

Hashtags are not dead, and are still an effective way to reach a wider, yet targeted audience. You might think one or two will do, however data shows that posts including the maximum 30 hashtags are interacted with the most. 

6. Let data drive your content

This is one of the most effective ways to master the algorithm! Track your post, reel and story performance to understand what’s working, and what isn’t. Be sure to analyse your performance over time to gather more reliable information about how your audience interacts with you and what type of content they want to see. 

There you have it! The 2022 Instagram algorithms in a nutshell. The power is in your hands, so go ahead and start creating content that will engage your followers and show the algorithm who’s boss. 

Need some help developing a powerful social media content strategy for 2022? Talk to our team to find out more. 

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