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Conversion Rates in 8 Easy Steps

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Conversion is more than just a buzzword. In fact, it is critical in online business. A good conversion rate equates to improved income and hopefully profitability. Sometimes, all you need is a few small tweaks to your website to bring about significant improvement in your conversion rates. Combining a few tweaks can improve your conversion rate even more significantly.

Top Tips for Improving Your Conversion Rate

It’s easy to get traffic to your site, but without conversion, you are wasting your time. Take a look at these proven strategies for increasing your conversion rate. Remember to use A/B testing when you make changes to your website so that you can see what works and what doesn’t. 

1. High Converting Call-to-Action

When writing your website content, use tangible action verbs. Your calls-to-action should encourage visitors to take action. Also, let them know what will happen when they click on the button. Use language such as:

  • grab your copy
  • reserve your seat
  • download your free video
  • subscribe here

2. Speak to the Benefits

While it is important to state the features of your product or services, it is important to outline the benefits to your potential clients. Take the time to explain how it will solve their problems.

3. Create Attention-Grabbing Headlines

The most important element of your page is your headline. Choose from a shortlist of 10 possible headlines before settling on the one you will use. It must draw readers in and entice them to want to read it.

4. Keep it Above the Fold

All opt-in boxes and calls-to-action should be above the fold where they will be clearly visible.

5. Add a Video

A simple landing page video can help to add personality to your brand. People want to deal with people, not with businesses.

6. Forget About Hype

Today, consumers are turned off by the hype that used to work years ago. Instead, write clear, focused and compelling copy that will inspire visitors to make an informed purchase decision.

7. Address the Objections

People reading online offers will have both conscious and sub-conscious objections about what you’re saying. Those objections will cause them to hesitate in buying your offer. Sway them by addressing the objections in your text.

8. Increase Trust

No matter how good a product or service; no matter how good the price – if you don’t trust someone, you’re not going to buy what they’re selling. According to Zig Ziglar, there are only 4 reasons why people don’t buy from you: no money, no need, no hurry or no trust.

You can improve your trustworthiness by:

  • implementing 3rd party support, including well-known publications that speak about your brand, customer testimonials, citations, etc.
  • making your business look legitimate, by adding a physical address, a photo of your office, or listing memberships with the chamber of commerce.
  • linking to credible organisations you work with.
  • showing photos and bios of employees.
    making it easy to contact you
    updating your site’s content frequently

All of these factors should make it easy for you to improve conversions on your site. Need more help?

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