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Creating amazing landing pages for lead generation


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So, you are beginning to create your sales funnel for lead generation and it’s time to build a landing page that will encourage visitors to take up your offer, give you their details and enter your nurture phase?

A landing page is an essential element of any lead generation process – and if you want more information on creating an effective lead generation strategy, check out our blog here for tips and tricks.

Whether you are doing it yourself, or want to know more so you can outsourcemore successfully, in this blog we will run you through the basics of why a landing page is important, and what elements make up a great, converting page.

First off – what is a landing page?

A landing page is different from a website in that it is a single, “standalone” page which is created with a single objective – to get any visitors who land on it to take a specific action for a marketing purpose. This might be to claim a free offer, buy a product at a discount or book in for a consultation. Whatever it is, the entire page is designed around promoting that action and converting its visitors.

Why is it important in your lead gen strategy?

Rather than sending people to an entire website where they might get lost, distracted or confused, by sending them directly to a single page with one, cohesive message, your landing page helps you significantly improve conversions.

They have clicked an advertisement for a specific promotion, then landed on a page which is directly related to that offer, telling them everything they need to know and clearly showing how they can claim it.

Without any distractions or conflicting messages, a well-designed landing page has one goal in mind – make your visitors take action – and gets you the most bang for your marketing buck.

The key elements that make up a great landing page

Without any further ado, let’s talk about what your page needs for the best chance of success…

The 5 key elements of a great landing page are:

1. A clear goal.

Set your conversion goal or “Call To Action” – what do you want visitors to do on this page? Download, call, book, claim… whatever it is, this sets the tone for your entire page.

2. A Unique Selling Proposition

Your message is a vital element that ties your page together, and your USP should be clearly articulated through your headline, subheading, reinforcing statement and “closing argument”.

● Heading – matches what they clicked (yes, you are on the right page)
● Subheading – gives extra information and sparks interest
● Reinforcing statement – backs up the headline and gives benefits
● Closing argument – summarises the amazing value of the offer and directs the reader to take action

3. Your “Hero shot”

This is where you visually demonstrate how incredible your offer or product is, with a video or image that catches attention and “sells the hell out of it”. It should be the most dominant element on your page and show the amazing benefits of what you are promoting, and how it actually works.

4. Social proof

We all want to know what other people are saying about anything before we commit to buying it. That is why your landing page needs to have social proof in the form of testimonials, reviews and case studies.

Hot tip; the most converting landing pages have images of real people next to their review of your offer/product.

5. Benefits

What are the unique benefits of what you are offering, what problems does it solve, who is it for and why should they grab it now? Adding in bullet points to show the value of what you are offering is a quick, clean way for your visitors to understand the benefit of taking advantage of your CTA.

Once you have created your amazing landing page, like any marketing strategy, you’ll need to use a tool like Hotjar or another landing page analyzer to track conversions and understand what you can tweak or change to optimise it and increase conversion rates!

Or, you can talk to our team at FrogOnline to handle the entire lead generation process for you.

We offer a PPL (pay per lead) model that saves you the hassle of setting up lead campaigns, tracking conversions and optimising – because we do it all for you and only charge per lead.

Does this sound like a strategy that could boost your business for 2020? Give us a call today.

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