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Facebook Engagement: How to Charm Your Fans & Get More Traffic to Your Site

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Every year, companies increase their investment in social media, and if you’re not doing it yet, you are being left behind the competition. It also needn’t cost you a fortune. In this post, we’re going to discuss ways for you to engage your Facebook audience.


It should be simple, right? You just put an update on your wall and wait for everyone to respond. Of course, that’s every social media marketers dream, but it’s not quite as simple – which is why so many people give up too soon. Unless your Facebook audience engages with your posts, it will not show up in their feeds. Now, more than ever before, you need to up your engagement in order to achieve visibility in the news feeds.

If your results are not meeting your expectations, there are a few things you could consider. Let’s dive right in.

How to Engage Your Audience on Facebook

But first, a golden rule: People don’t want to see the same post over and over. They don’t want to see your adds constantly. Those posts are not engaging. They are not social. The general Facebook audience don’t come here to read the classified section, but to socialise. It’s called inbound marketing for a reason – it must be customer-centric, rather than marketer-centric.

If you want to increase your engagement with your Facebook audience, you need to post information that appeals to them.

1. Mix Up Your Facebook Content

If all your posts look and feel the same, fans will start skipping over it in search of fresh, new and interesting content. Instead, repurpose your content into images, videos, infographics, blog posts and questions. Use Insights to see how each type of content performs, and use your audience’s prefered content types to plan future updates.

2. Ask Questions

If you want to spark dialogue with your fans, the best way is to ask questions. Your Facebook audience will value the fact that you appreciate their opinions. Consider asking a variety of questions, including:

  • Specific questions – “What is your favourite….?”
    Yes or no questions – “Is … the best?”
    Timely questions – “Are you going to … this weekend?”
    Controversial questions
    Photo questions

3. Show Personality

What is social media good for if not to show a lighter shade of your business? Use your social media posts to portray your company’s personality.

4. Give an Inside Perspective

In the beginning of this post, we say that you should vary your posts so that it’s not overly promotional. A great way to do that, is by posting behind-the-scenes posts, including:

  • photos of your town
    photos of customers
    news about awards your business won
    employee of the month news

These types of posts will make your fans feel as though they are part of your business and that’s always a good idea.

5. Drive Click-Throughs

If you just post a link, it won’t drive many clicks, but you can incentivise your Facebook audience to engage with your content by crafting interesting posts with strong calls to action that drive them to click on your app or website links.

6. Share and Share Alike

The social media economy is all about sharing. It’s through sharing that we build relationships with both our fans and influencers. If another business in your niche shares interesting content that is relevant to your business, don’t be afraid to share it.

7. Love Your Fans

We all love feeling appreciated – so start with your fans. Recognise your fans’ contributions to your page by sharing their comments and reviews on your page.

Of course, it’s always a good idea to kickstart your all-new social media campaign with social media advertising. What is your favourite type of post on the pages you follow? Tell us in comments below.

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