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If you’ve been creating content to rank in search engines, it’s time to rethink your approach. Google’s latest algorithm update has made it clear that they are not playing around when it comes to quality content.

Their new update is all about rewarding high-quality content that was created with the user in mind. Content that is created simply to target SEO keywords won’t be rewarded. Leading SEO experts are now focusing on creating content that provides real value and answers users’ questions or solves their problems.

How we used helpful content to increase a client’s website traffic by 200%

We’ve been working with Skills Certified Australia since they were a start-up wanting to break into the RPL industry. Since then, we have been driving their digital marketing strategy since this brand began, building an SEO-friendly website,  providing ongoing technical SEO, bringing quality leads through Adwords and Social Media campaigns and Digital Content Creation.

Skilled continues to remain on page 1 of Google for 90% of their keywords and last year their website boasted an average of 50k monthly hits.

After the algorithm update in December 2022, Skilled’s website traffic has increased by a staggering 200% and they are now getting an average of 36% conversion rates.

What made this SEO success story so remarkable was that we achieved it by creating content that was relevant, helpful, and valuable for their target audience.

While there is no secret formula to appeasing Google’s algorithm gods, there are a few key things you should be doing to make this update (and all future updates) work in your favour.


Optimise website content for search engine questions

Rather than just looking at the keywords we want clients to rank for, we build our content strategies about information that is useful for their audiences, and what questions users are asking search engines.

For Skilled Certified Australia, we created content to address those questions and provide helpful to skilled people working in retail and construction who don’t have formal qualifications. This included information, such as how-to guides for getting a foot in the door to popular industries, educational posts, and other resources. This allowed us to create SEO-optimised content that provided real value for our client’s readers.

We also used SEO tactics such as optimising URLs, title tags, meta descriptions and image alt text in order to make our content more appealing to users and Google’s algorithms alike.

Let search engines know you’re a topical authority in your industry

Skills Certified Australia partners with Registered Training Organisations (RTOs) to help people convert their existing skills into nationally recognised qualifications through Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL).

Our content strategy was built around providing content in a way that not only demonstrates SCA’s expert knowledge about the entire RPL process, but also their deep knowledge of each of the trades and industries they work within. This lends itself to the notion of topical authority which allows us to create SEO-driven content that appeals to both users and Google’s algorithms.

Build a strong domain authority with a robust link building strategy

Link building plays a major role in SEO success. We implemented an effective link building strategy that was focused on both internal links to our pillar content and reaching out to relevant websites for backlinks. This allowed us to build up our domain authority, giving Google further confidence that we were a trustworthy source of information – resulting in higher rankings for Skills Certified Australia.


Displaying content in a way that maximises user experience

The SEO success story for Skills Certified Australia was made possible by focusing on user experience. We created content that was easy to scan, read and understand. We did this by optimising headings, using affecting storytelling to get our point across, and displaying images and other visuals which made the posts more engaging and easier to consume.

The results speak for themselves. SEO success is achievable, and SEO-first content strategies are the way of the future. With a combination of SEO tactics, helpful content, and optimising for user experience – you can make SEO work in your favour.

SEO tactics must evolve with the changes in technology

Google’s algorithm updates are going to keep coming, so SEO experts need to adapt their strategies accordingly. With every new update comes new opportunities as well as challenges, but those who embrace these changes have the potential to gain great SEO success.

At FrogOnline, we understand how SEO works and take pride in ensuring top-notch SEO for our clients. We use SEO-first content strategies to get the best results, helping you improve your website traffic and conversion rates.

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