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If you haven’t heard of ‘Accelerated Mobile Pages’ or AMP yet, it is a web component framework and website publishing technology developed by Google with a goal to “provide a user-first format for web content”.

Wondering what that even means – and how it helps your business?

AMP gives you, or your developer, a way to create web pages which load almost instantly on mobile phones and are designed specifically to cater to the user’s experience above all else. Now you might be thinking, “Shouldn’t my website be doing that already?”.

That’s a fair question but, in most cases, no matter how great your website is, AMP allows the mobile version of your site to perform in a way that currently just isn’t possible with the options available.

So, how does it work?

First, we create another version of the website that follows the AMP project’s standards.

This gives our new AMP site its own URL (site.com/page/amp) and makes it compatible with most popular web browsers like Chrome, FireFox, and Safari.

Now when your audience visits your site on mobile, they are automatically sent to the AMP version which loads instantly and is optimised for the best performance.

We all know that Google ranks faster websites and pages higher than their slower-loading counterparts, but it also favours those who are using AMP, placing them higher in search results. If your searchers are conducting their search through Google, then it will load even faster as Google will host the page on its own servers and serve up the content directly on its site.

Is this just another way for a developer to milk you for more money? In actual fact, building these pages is nothing like the time it takes to build a full website. If you are using WordPress, your developer might even be able to convert your entire archive in just a matter of days, meaning it’s a great investment for the return you get in terms of SEO and customer conversion!

We are working with a high-profile client at the moment – with amazing results!

Their live site home page has a score of 12-15 – but their new AMP mobile site has a score of 89! That’s over 600% increase in page load time not to mention we were able to tailor the page for a better user experience when using a mobile phone without having to change their original website.

Page load time is the #1 user expectation when it comes to a better experience, and AMP could be the perfect boost for your site to help you give your users a better experience and increase their chances of conversion!

If you’d like to chat about creating an AMP site for your business, just head over to my website or flick me a message.

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