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High Converting CTA Button Know-How to Use Them to Your Advantage

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Call to action buttons are the tools that cause browsers to become buyers. No landing page is functional without a CTA button. But how do you create the best-converting CTA buttons? What makes one call-to-action button better than another?

When you want to create high-converting CTA buttons, follow these guidelines to grab your visitors’ attention and get them to click.

1. Position your CTA button

It doens’t matter where you put the CTA button as much as ensuring that it stands out on your landing page. Keep your buttons above the fold, because people generally prefer not to scroll to find buttons. Your call-to-action button should be the focal point, with the rest of the text supporting it.

2. Call-to-action wording

Ensure that the wording on the button tells the reader exactly what to expect when they click on it. If it is an ebook, your button’s wording should say “Click to download your XYZ ebook”. Action words are good, so include:

  • download

3. Strong supporting text

Having a strong call to action button is a good start, but the text supporting your button, should also be powerful. Your landing page content should clearly illustrate the incentives of clicking on the button.

4. Choose the right colours

Call-to-action buttons are often hidden on pages, and that makes it hard to locate. Today I want to encourage you to be bold! Choose the best colours, shapes and fonts so that it matches your site, while still standing out. The smallest design tweaks can impact your conversions dramatically. You can test it using A/B split testing.

Expert Tip: Orange is the best colour for conversions, so see if you can use it on your site.

When adding call-to-action buttons to your site, don’t go overboard. Keep the CTAs to a minimum and focus on your main goal for each page. Call-to-action buttons must be specific in order to bring the desired results. Instead of providing several different ways of contacting you, stick to a single option on your CTA. That will ensure that visitors know exactly how to proceed to the next step and it will make it easier for you to track where your leads are coming from.

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