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How to Boost Landing Page Conversion Rates in 2021

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Benchmarking conversions can be a tricky job. Particularly when the market forces driving consumer behaviour are, let’s say, chaotic. The impact of the global economy shift in 2020 led to buyer behaviour we’ve never seen before. The result was an increasingly unpredictable landscape for marketers and a digital marketplace that was constantly shifting the goals.

There were some standout digital campaigns that managed to thrive in the market flux, but for the vast majority of businesses, the competition for online conversion was intense.

Now in 2021 this intensity is only heating up, and it’s more important than ever to understand where you are in the playing field, and know how to optimise your campaigns and landing pages for conversion. And we’ve got you covered.

What’s happening in the marketplace?

Unbounce’s 2021 Conversion Benchmark Report analysed more than 33 million conversions on 44,000 Unbounce-built landing pages and used machine learning to deliver conversion benchmarks and information. We’ve collated some of the key industry insights to help you increase your conversion rates.

Median Conversion Benchmark: 2.4%
– There doesn’t appear to be a link between better readability and higher conversions
– More detailed and business-like form-fill pages and copy may help increase your conversions
– Emotional language, both positive and negative, is likely to hurt your results.

Business Services
Median Conversion Benchmark: 3.5%
– Paid social is likely to give you higher conversions than paid search, although the bulk of traffic comes from search
– Readers prefer short, simple professional messaging

Catering and Restaurants
Median Conversion Benchmark: 9.8%
– Visitors convert higher with a small amount of joyful messaging mixed into your copy
– Keep your landing page copy short and sharp – ideally less than 300words

Median Conversion Benchmark: 5.8%
– Your ad budget will probably get a higher ROI on socials.
– Try to create messaging that focuses on the problem your service solves, evidence shows too much positive messaging can have a negative impact on conversion

Events & Leisure
Median Conversion Benchmark: 5.2%
– Use emotional language – unlike many other industries sentimental language appears to have a positive effect on conversion
– Visitors like 200 words or less on your landing page so keep it easy to read

Finance & Insurance
Median Conversion Benchmark: 6.2%
– Data shows traffic coming from social platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn convert twice as much as search engine traffic
– Form-fills are the way to go and have a higher conversion rate than form-fills in other industries

Fitness & Nutrition
Median Conversion Benchmark: 5.6%
– Your landing pages should be optimised for mobile audiences – 81.5% of visitors were on mobile
– Use really easy (primary school level) to read messaging and keep it joyful and positive

Home Improvement
Median Conversion Benchmark: 3.8%
– Use and simply form-fill pages for lead generation
– Positive sentiments have a positive correlation with conversion – think joy and surprise

Median Conversion Benchmark: 5.4%
– There is a significant difference in subcategories with injury law having a median conversion rate of 3.6%
– Keep complex legal jargon to a bare minimum

Media and Entertainment
Median Conversion Benchmark: 7.9%
– Keep your copy skimmable and really, really easy to read
– Form-fill pages have the highest conversion rate at 11.3%

Medical Services
Median Conversion Benchmark: 3.6%
– Unlike most industries, Medical Services benefit for longer, more comprehensive copy
– Visitors are looking for trust, so focus on positive, caring sentiments

Real Estate
Median Conversion Benchmark: 2.6%
– Diversify your lead gen activity and reduce form fields to optimise conversions
– Use social media for location targeted ads. They have a lower traffic rate than search but a much higher conversion rate

Median Conversion Benchmark: 4.8%
– Try just asking for an email in form-fills, there seems to be a negative correlation between requiring a ‘name’ and conversion
– Ads appearing on Facebook and Instagram at peak scrolling times have a conversion rate double that of search ads.

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