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There are many ways you can increase website traffic. You can perform some basic ” or not so basic ” search engine optimisation, you can increase the number of links to your website, and you can issue press releases and get heavily involved in Social Media. The list is long and ways of getting traffic are highly varied.


Many business owners invest a fortune in their online efforts to increase website traffic and to improve their positioning in the search engine rankings and for good reason. According to the ACMA, in June 2013, 10.81 million people went online more than once a day in Australia, an increase of 7% year on year.

Every visitor that a business owner manages to attract to a company website will have cost a sum of money, be that a direct PPC cost or the sum of the online marketing costs divided by the number of website visitors.

Many business owners go to all the time, trouble and expense of attracting a visitor, yet do little to keep them on your website and get them browsing the company’s services and products. Great copywriting and content certainly helps to keep visitors on a website, and competitive prices, special offers and providing a wealth of information are also key factors to improve conversions and get visitors to stay and return.

However, can everyone actually read your compelling content and view your special offers? Have you made it easy for your visitors to see your content? Have you developed a mobile-friendly company website?

A mobile-friendly company website is therefore essential as mobile access to the internet has sky-rocketed in recent years. Today, internet users are not all sitting at a desk. Many website visitors will be on the bus, in the office, in the garden on the beach or in a pub. Many are walking around the shops checking prices and services before they buy in a bricks and mortar store.

Larger (and smaller) screen sizes with incredible resolution have made this possible. They allow visitors to clearly see websites on incredibly small screen sizes ” compared to past years ” and when a website doesn’t display correctly, they are off like a shot.

How many leave? Statistics show that up to 61% of website visitors click off a website never to return if the content does not display correctly on their handheld device. Since approximately 20% of website visitors are now using mobiles and tablets to access the internet, is a lot of visitors to losing.

If you are currently attracting 10,000 visitors a day to your website, approximately 2,000 will be accessing your website from a mobile device. Since you are likely to lose 61% of those visitors to your unresponsive website, the loss of sales opportunities is considerable.

Using your current conversions as a guide or the industry standard of 3% conversions (many industries convert at up to 10%), it is easy to see just how many sales you are likely to be losing.

Based on the above figures, you could be losing 1,220 visitors a day, 36,600 a month and 439,200 a year, which means failing to address the issue and create a responsive website could cost your business up to 13,176 lost sales a year!

When you look at it in those terms, it’s clear to see the financial logic behind making the switch to a responsive website, and if you have yet to make the move, the question is not whether you can afford to ” a responsive FrogOnline website can be yours without any upfront charges ” the question is can you afford not to?

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