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You work tirelessly to get customers to your ecommerce store, only to have them abandon their orders halfway through… it’s frustrating, we get it!

If you are spending time and money on advertising and generating leads, you want to make sure that effort isn’t in vain by using strategies to get your leads to convert.

But, here comes the big question… how do you get them to complete the sale?

Let’s look at the top 3 reasons people leave in the first place:

  • Distraction. This is a big one, and very easy to understand – we’ve all done it! You are halfway through browsing or shopping online and then your battery dies, you get a call, it’s time to get the kids ready for bed… Life happens – shopping doesn’t.
  • Comparison. You browse through a store, read more about the brand, look at the prices and then think – is there a better deal somewhere else? So you head off to check out the competition. You might not even buy from them because distraction kicks in, but either way, you aren’t on the original website anymore.
  • Surprise charges. You shop, choose your items, head to the checkout and bam – the prices were actually in USD?! Or – OMG, is that seriously the cost of shipping? You second-guess your decision and there goes the sale.

Numbers 2 + 3 can be addressed by making sure that your shipping charges are clearly spelled out throughout your website, and that you are openly communicating your location on the homepage and through your design, images and copy.

  1. Email Marketing with Mailchimp for WooCommerce

Did you know that Mailchimp has a free WooCommerce extension?

This helps you send abandoned cart emails to the distracted or comparison shopper. The best part? You can include a coupon code or free shipping discount to overcome objections – or even just a friendly reminder that the items you liked are sad and lonely in their cart.

It also lets you do handy things like make product recommendations or send customised emails to specific customer categories.

  1. Get data with Cart Reports

The Cart Reports extension give you visual, real-time data about your customers’ shopping carts. You can see what happened with each individual cart – was it abandoned, what did they choose, their name, etc.

This gives you real info you can use to see what your customers are doing, and you can even send a reminder, coupon, or free shipping code through it.

You can also see reports on customer trends and activity to help see what is working and what isn’t to help you make strategic changes to your products or promotions.

  1. Remarketing with Facebook

Whether they got distracted or simply weren’t ready to buy, remarketing is a powerful way to start front-of-mind so you are there when they are ready to make that purchase. By installing the Facebook Pixel, you can create ads that are targeted to site visitors and will ‘follow them around’ so they don’t forget about you! If they have already visited, they are more likely to convert!

  1. Nurture customers with Follow-Ups

If you aren’t already selling and promoting to your existing customers, you’re missing out on your easiest sales! Follow-Ups gives you an automatic way to do that through complex, customizable drip campaigns. You can send individualised discount codes to specific customers based on what they have

With that sorted, let’s talk about the 5 tools you can use to address big ‘ole number 1 – Distraction.

been purchasing using the reporting tools or emails in reaction to certain triggers; birthdays, holidays or purchases etc.

  1. Increase customer loyalty with Woocommerce Points and Rewards

This tool lets your customers earn points that they can redeem on future purchases – a great incentive to come back and buy more from your store! Give points for purchases, in thanks for creating an account or for leaving a review, all ways to keep your customers engaged and feeling ‘part’ of your brand’s community. We all know the power of FOMO – so make sure you are reminding them about the points they have earned so they don’t miss out on claiming them!

Combine these tools with a genuine understanding of what your target customers want from your products, and your industry in general, and you will be well on your way to reducing cart abandonment and converting those leads you are working so hard to generate.

Not sure where to start? Talk to our team today about which tools are best for your specific brand and goals – we’d love to help your sales increase and your business grow!

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