Want to sell more properties and close more deals?

Get high-converting leads & increase your sales

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Generate Qualified Leads and Sell Your Properties Faster

Want to sell more properties and close more deals? Partner with Sydney’s leading lead generation team to transform your property sales.

This isn’t your average lead generation exercise. Our experienced lead generation team has developed highly effective funnel technology to identify, qualify and nurture high target leads for real estate professionals and property developers.

The leads you pay for are brand aware, engaged and ready to buy.

Some Brands We have worked with:

Get hot leads directly
to your sales pipeline

with no work from your team so you can focus on
what you do best.

Get 10 x more qualified leads

Our out-of-box funnel produces up to 10x more qualified leads for property developers and real estate agents than REA and Domain.com

Custom branded lead funnels

We put your brand on our funnel so your leads know exactly who you are, what property you’re selling and are receptive and engaged when you call

Reach Your Target Buyers

Don’t waste time on outdated underperforming channels. Speak to potential buyers where they are most responsive including Google search, SEO, social media, email, text and more.

Exclusive lead ownership

Your funnel is built specifically for you and your property project, so you have full & exclusive ownership of your leads.

Only Speak to hot leads

Lead generation only works when your buyers are engaged and ready to buy. We own the decision-making process and warm up your leads so they’re ready for your call.

Get leads directly to your CRM

We prequalify all leads according to your unique specifications using our proven methodology and verify contact details before direct delivery into your sales pipeline. So you won’t waste time chasing cold leads and buyers who aren’t ready to buy.

Maximise your ROI

We believe in quality over quantity. Our project fee includes all aspects of the campaign including copywriting, creative, media spend, campaign management, analytics and optimisation & strategy.

Get more leads as you grow

Our campaigns can scale as you sell. Entry-level campaigns are currently generating 50 – 150 qualified leads per month.

Want to sell more properties and close more deals?

Transform your sales with a high-performing lead generation partner

We are focused on your success, and know your success starts with high-quality, high converting leads. We dedicate our skill, technology, data, time and money (yes – our money!) to creating a custom funnel for your projects, so you can focus your time and energy into what you do best – selling property.

That’s why we only partner with property developers and agents who are ready to take action and have the capacity to follow up and maximise the sales opportunity from every lead.

Book a Zoom call today & start getting qualified leads.

Book a Zoom call today & start getting qualified leads.

Frequently Asked Questions

How is FrogOnline different to other lead-gen agencies?

When you work/partner with FrogOnline you’re not just another number. We’re a boutique agency that only works with partners who we can build success and long-term partnerships with.

Unlike other ‘lead-gen’ agencies, we don’t send you unverified, useless leads and still expect to be paid. We also don’t send leads who don’t recognize your project or brand and don’t recall leaving their details.

When working with Frog Online, your entire funnel is set up using your project branding including all web and landing pages, so your leads know your brand and property.

We charge a flat fee that includes all landing page design, media spend and lead qualification, giving you the best ROI possible, without unexpected expenses.

How many leads can we expect?

Our campaigns can scale as you sell. Entry-level campaigns are currently generating 60 – 150 qualified leads per month, however every project is different.

A bespoke project structure will be created specifically for your campaign depending on the size of your development, your location, how many apartments you have to sell, the price, and your pre-qualifying criteria.

Why can't we do this in house?

Sure, it’s true your in-house team could probably run a standard marketing campaign that generates some leads. But you want more than a standard outdated marketing campaign.

Our specialist team is trained in advanced lead generation strategies and use proprietary technology to identify, engage and qualify real property buyers.

You get expert knowledge, brand specialists and campaign management all in a flat fee – saving you hours of internal resources and thousands of dollars!

How do you pre-qualify the leads?

First, we really get to know your business, your property and what a qualified lead looks like through a dedicated discovery workshop. Things we take into consideration include:

– Budget range
– Finance status – do they have pre-approval or capital ready available?
– Type of buyer – first home buyers vs investment buyers vs family home buyers
– Location

And anything else you need. Then we use our proprietary systems to engage and filter leads through our funnel and verify all contact details.

Only qualified leads are then passed to you, ready for your follow up and conversion. Leads that are not quite qualified are retained and nurtured by us – and delivered to you when they’re ready to buy down the track!

What platforms do you use to generate the leads?

Unlike most Pay Per Lead companies we don’t just use social media as a means to generate the leads. We use an omni-channel strategy optimised specifically for your buyer profile. We leverage the power of email, text, Google Search, SEO and social media to build a robust and customised campaign specifically for you and your project requirements .

Some of the things we’ve delivered recently

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