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Rank Brain Survival Guide: 3 SEO Strategies to Fool the Robots

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RankBrain is Google’s machine-learning artificial intelligence SEO system which is used to process search results and your website’s ranking in the search results pages. Bloomberg first announced that Google would be turning web search over to machines back in October last year.  

At the time, RankBrain assisted with about 15% of the millions of queries the search engine deals with on daily basis, particularly the ambiguous queries, at which the system is particularly adept. It works differently to the other technologies the search engine uses.

Other technologies work with insights and discoveries, while RankBrain uses learning. Of course, as a web owner, it is important to have an edge in the rankings when RankBrain Judgement Day rolls around – somewhere close to Google’s 18th Birthday (September 27, 2018). At that time, RankBrain will completely take over all the search results.

SEO Tactics to Ensure RankBrain Ranks Your Site

How do you ensure that the machine interprets your site’s SEO and sends traffic to your site? The work starts now. seo strategiesBy following the SEO strategies below, you can ensure that your website survives RankBrain. Keep on reading to find out how.

1. Spread Your SEO Keywords

Keywords will remain an important factor in search engine optimisation, so keep writing quality blog posts using multiple keyword phrases. Include your SEO keywords in your post titles and subheadings to ensure that you cover all the various interpretations that searchers might use while guarding against keyword stuffing. Your content must at all times be readable.

Expert tip: Once you’ve decided on the main keyword you want to use, type your keyword in search and look at the bottom of the page for related keyword phrases. Include those keywords in your post as well.

2. Focus on Performance Rather Than SEO Rankings

For the time being, at least.

  • Do your readers enjoy your content?
    Are they sharing it?
    Are you receiving quality comments?
    How well does it convert?

These metrics matter more than than just how many hits you receive at your site, as it serves as an indication of the quality of your content.

3. Use Remarketing & Social Ads to Increase CTR

Google’s Quality Score algorithm measures the relevance and quality of your keywords and AdWords ads. These are some of the factors that determine your cost per click and the rankings of your ad in the auction process.

You can build brand recognition in the Google Display Network as well as on social media through remarketing. It will direct ads at people who have already displayed an interest in your brand and as a result, increase conversion rates significantly.

These SEO strategies for RankBrain ultimately result in a beter end-user experience. You’re bound to run into sly fellas who promise to beat the algorithms to beat the algorithms, but at the end of the day, slow and steady wins the battle. Artifical Intelligence always has the power.

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