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Sole traders: skilled at very many things, but oh so often business and branding isn’t one of them. The story is much the same across all industries; you hit up a training organisation, get certified, then it’s off into the big wide world to work for yourself.

Only problem is, how to tell anyone about it? Social media? Sure. Word of mouth, if you’re lucky – and have something to back it up. For the lucky members of Skills Certified Australia, taking the leap from study to operational in their trade is now a walk in proverbial park.

We all know how we find a tradie, or a new accountant, hairdresser, personal trainer …the list goes on. You ask your friends, they’ll send you a number or flick you a business card. Failing that you, Google it.

It goes without saying that unless you’ve got a solid, professional looking website, or at the very least a shmick business card, you’re going to be more or less invisible to new clients.

An exclusive partnership between FrogOnline and Skills Certified Australia is offering SCA members the opportunity to get their small business off the ground with a Business Essentials Starter Package. Research shows consumers are more likely to engage a brand than a business online, so it’s essential to get image right from the get go.

The new Business Essentials Starter Package will set members back an easy $499 and includes a professionally designed website valued at up to $3000 with:

  • 3 months free hosting
  • 4 web pages
  • Responsive website designed to adapt to all screen, browsers and devices including iphone, tablets, PC’s & ITV’s.
  • Website content crafted by a professional copywriter
  • Google maps listing

Good news for a starter right? Right. And there is more. Knowing the importance of branding ( just read this blog if you’re not up to speed) the team at FrogOnline don’t like doing things by halves and have upped the ante.

They’re offering those eligible for the SCA partnership a Brand Essentials Pack at $300 including a logo professionally designed by the inhouse expert graphics team, plus a custom designed business card.

With years of collaboration behind the two companies, the new partnership is set to see thousands of small business owners get started on the right foot, boosting the industry and giving new tradies the best beginning they could hope for.

To learn more about Skills Certified Australia check out their SCA website. To talk to the FrogOnline team about branding or getting your website started contact us.

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