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What these Sydney property trends mean for your marketing

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The Sydney property market is continuing to gain momentum. But all the media hype combined with the unpredictable financial hangover from the pandemic has caused some interesting trends to emerge.

If you’re a developer, real estate agent or buyer’s agent in the Sydney market you’ll no doubt have seen the surge in sales prices and stock availability. While it can be a confusing and highly competitive space to market in, the unusual market conditions have created an unprecedented opportunity for creative and high-performing marketing strategies to boost sales and business.

Take advantage of vendor confidence to make your agency stand out

Vendor confidence is rising in the Sydney market with recent figures from SQM Research showing asking prices increased by 6.1% from March to April 2021. Adding to this surge in momentum is a significant increase in property listings.

In the same period property listings in Sydney increased by 5.3% with 28, 446 listings in the market. What does this mean for your marketing efforts?

Well, with momentum comes competition and traditional property platforms are struggling to provide the results most estate agents are looking for. With more and more homeowners likely to try to take advantage of the favourable conditions, real estate agents will need to start looking to alternative marketing channels such as Google Search, email and Paid Social Media to get their properties seen by potential buyers.

Not only is the competition hotting up for sellers, for real estate agents looking to attract more clients it’s essential you’ve got a comprehensive marketing suite and strategy behind you to attract new business and build your property portfolio to take advantage of the growing market.

Create brand awareness to break through apartment oversupply

For developers with units or apartments the continuing oversupply in the Sydney market is still creating headaches. It’s proving almost impossible to make generic apartments create impact on the most popular property listing platforms.

Savvy developers are turning toward new techniques and brand-first sales campaigns to make an impact and move stock. With the oversupply creating an opening in the market for first home buyers and investors, now is the time for developers to think smart about where and how they channel their marketing efforts.

By decentralising advertising from traditional platforms and launching brand-centred marketing campaigns, developers have the opportunity to attract and retain a cohort of brand aware buyers for immediate conversion and future investment opportunities.

Use integrated digital strategies to take advantage of market shifts

With interest rates predicted to remain low for some time yet there is plenty of impetus for those in the property market to really take advantage of new, integrated marketing techniques. Multichannel digital marketing creates opportunities for real estate agents, buyers agents and developers to carve out space online, launch highly targeted campaigns and own the decision making process for their buyers. The result is the opportunity to dramatically increase your marketing ROI, and deliver value for your buyers and clients while you’re at it.

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