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The Benefits of YouTube in Your Marketing Strategy.

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After a recent visit to Google Headquarters in Sydney – can I just say, not a bad place to work! – I got to have a look at some of the latest tools and strategies in Digital Marketing, and wanted to share a hot tip with you today…

Let’s talk YouTube.

We all know about YouTube, it’s not a new platform and, according to Google, 80% of Australians use video when researching the products and services they are looking to buy!

Despite its popularity, with more of us choosing to watch YouTube than Channel 7, SBS, or Channel 9, many companies still aren’t including YouTube in their digital marketing strategy.

Should you be using YouTube?

16.3M Aussie adults spend an unbelievable average of 24 ½ hours a MONTH on YouTube.

Yup, you read that correctly. Millions of your potential customers are spending a full day every month on this platform – are you there for them to find?

When we are watching cat videos, movie trailers or snippets of talk shows, we are pretty relaxed. Advertising on YouTube isn’t like popping unbidden into the inboxes of your busy audience, AND you get them for a full 5-15 seconds before they can hit that skip button. With a targeted, well-designed video, you can catch their attention and build great brand awareness.

As the world’s 2nd largest search engine (by queries processed), using a YouTube channel for your business gives you a bigger presence for brand searches, and advertising gets you in front of your customer visually. YouTube Analytics also provides detailed demographic data and traffic source data – so you can be strategic about what, where, when and to who you post content.

Google also knows when a searcher is looking for a video as the answer to their query, so if you don’t have video associated with your brand, even if your business is the right fit for their needs, you won’t come up in their searches.

Are you convinced yet?

However, before you go out and add ‘create YouTube videos and Ads’ to your insurmountable to-do list, as with any strategy, you want to make sure that any digital marketing you do is actually the right fit for your specific brand and customer.

Luckily, that is where I specialise. If you want to have a chat about what you are currently doing to get your brand out there and map out the right options and plan to hit your goals – just head over to my website or flick me a message, I’d be happy to help.

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