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The Only 17 Email Marketing Tips You Will Ever Need

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Everyone can put together and email marketing campaign, right? No! Not without these tips. This effective, yet treacherous marketing avenue involves many variabes and you have to know what you are doing if you want to make the most of this fantastic tool.

According to Campaign Monitor, email campaigns deliver a 6 times higher click-through rate than a tweet.
You’re forty times more likely to acquire new customers from email, than from Twitter or Facebook. – McKinsey
Subscribers are 3 times more likely to share your content via social media than from any other sources. QuickSprout

While email marketing is even more effective than social media marketing, you need to know how to make the most of your campaign. In this post, we’ll show you how.

How to Craft Emails People Want to Receive

There’s a lot of spam out there, and to succeed at email marketing, you want to ensure that you create emails that stand out. Here’s how –

1. Make it look personal. Don’t use the words “list” or “subscribers” – nobody wants to feel like a number.
2. Make it valuable. Only send truly helpful or valuable emails.
3. Use your real name in the from address. That will make it more personal.
4. Don’t overdo it. Use their names, by all means, but not in every sentence.
5. Reward your readers. How will your readers benefit from reading your email? Share useful tips and inspire them.

Creating Subject Lines People Want to Open

Your email subject line will determine whether or not your message is opened. Use these tips to create good subject lines –

6. Make an exciting promise. Give people a specific reason to open your email to learn or receive something that will make them happy.
7. Include power words. This will make your email stand out in inboxes.
8. Use numbers. Digits help stop wandering eyes, so be sure to include numbers in your email marketing headers.
9. Pique readers’ curiosity. Tickle or violate the information gap now and then by using bizarre words or statements. People will be clamoring to find out more.

Writing Readable Emails

Well done on crafting a great email marketing subject line. The next step is to ensure that people read the rest of your email too.

10. Be natural. Imagine you’re sitting face-to-face with your reader, and write in that relaxed, personal tone. Ask questions.
11. Keep it short. Nobody has time to read lengthy emails. Write fast, keep it short and get to the point.

Using Email Marketing to Sell

Let’s face it, your’e not only writing these emails to chat to prospects. You’re a business owner and you’re using email marketing to sell so that you can remain in business and feed your family. Once you have mastered the art of getting people to read your emails, you need to learn how to create emails that sell.

12. Prepare your prospects. First provide information and become a trusted source of information, a friend, before pushing for sales.
13. Don’t sell products – sell benefits. Highlight the benefits of your product or service.
14. Point out what they’re missing. Take your list of benefits, and rephrase it to show the benefits readers will avoid by buying from you.
15. Lead them down the funnel. Use interesting stories to lead towards your sales message.
16. Use deadlines to help prevent procrastination.
17. Make your call to action clear. People don’t want to be presumptious, so make it very clear why they should click on your call-to-action button now.

Let’s face it – most of us only sign up for emails when we have to or when the company offers a truly remarkable benefit for doing so. But don’t take your subscribers for granted. Their time, like yours, is precious.

Knowing your audience is a great way to offer valuable help in the moment. Show empathy for their struggles, and offer help. Being real will give people the opportunity to know, like and trust you.

Email marketing is a great way to establish that level of trust and authority that will encourage people to buy from you.

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