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The Single-Page Site: To Long Scroll or Not to Long Scroll

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Unless you live under a rock, you must have seen one of the latest new trends in web design – the single-page site. While it works well for certain types of businesses, it really doens’t work for others. That’s another important reason why you should do your research, study trends and obtain some consultation from a professional before you buy a single-page site.

While standard websites focus on above-the-fold content, long scrolling single-page sites have a drawback that may or may not work for you. Let’s take a quick look at the pros and cons of long scrolling.

Long Scroll Single-Page Sites: The Pros

It’s Modern – It’s a trend because it is modern. It minimises clicking by letting the reader scroll instead. Therefore, it is mobile friendly, which is important in today’s mobile-dominated world.

It is Results Driven – Before clicking on a page, a person has to think through their actions, whereby scrolling is a more intuitive action. It therefore inspires your visitors to take action quicker.

It Flows – Long scrolling allows you to develop a brand story that flows seemlessly from one thought to the next and to encourage user interaction. It is a good way to ensure your visitors receive all the information about your site before making a decision.

Long Scroling Single-Page Sites: The Cons

Lack of Navigation – Most designers don’t place a navigation bar on single-page sites, which can cause visitors to be frustrated, especially on content heavy sites. There’s no back button, so you have to scroll to where you need to be.

Poor Performance – Some designers avoid long scroling because large videos and images tend to slow the web speed as it requires JavaScript and JQuery.

It Takes Time – For a single page to be conceived and created takes a lot of time and fawless communication and collaboration between the client and the design team. It requires complete trust in the designer from the client’s side.

It Is Not SEO Friendly – By reducing the number of pages on your site, you’re giving Google fewer opportunities to index your site, and to rank well for a variety of keyords.

When Is a Long Scrolling Single-Page Site Appropriate?

If none of the above matter to you, you could consider a long scrolling site. You could also consier it if:

  • Your site only has 2-3 pages
    It is a temporary site – such as for an event or promotion
    If it is an external site acting as a sales page

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