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If you have a business, you need lead generation strategies to get people through your doors – physically and digitally.

Lead generation is the process of turning a prospect (a total stranger) into a lead (someone interested in what you offer).

Leads are a business’s best friend because they are people who have engaged in some way with your brand – giving you the opportunity to develop that relationship until they turn into a customer.

A prospect turns into a lead once they download that free pdf, give your their email address for a discount code or fill in a contact form with a question on enquiry.

However, getting a lead is just half the battle!

That’s where lead generation comes in. You want to attract them (get them on your website), spark enough interest for them to engage (give you their contact details) and then nurture them until they love you enough to buy!

Whether it’s to get people to visit your website, watch your webinar or walk in your door, you need to be actively implementing lead generation strategies so your business gets enough traffic, or prospects, through your nurture process to grow.

It’s not just about cold calling, newspaper ads or doorknocking anymore, now there are a myriad of digital ways to reach your audience in 2020… but it’s a competitive world out there.

Want to beat the competition?

There are 4 phases in the lead generation process that you need to know to get them from prospects to paying customers.

Settle in – let’s go!

Phase 1. Your Content Strategy

Notice the word ‘strategy’. Without a targeted, effective strategy, you will never nail any of the lead generation phases – so here are the 3 things you need to ask yourself before you implement anything…

Who are your ideal customers?

We want quality over quantity – it’s not about getting a million leads, but 100 targeted leads who stand the best chance of actually becoming a customer.

Identify who you want – and who you don’t. You don’t want “anyone who owns a car in Sydney”. You want “men in their 50’s who have disposable income and want a car that makes them feel young and powerful.”

Give your potential ideal leads a face, a name, desires and frustrations, so you can understand them better and know exactly who you are talking to. If you know this, then Phase 2 becomes easier and highly effective!

What content will attract them?

Now your ideal leads have been identified, what will catch their attention? What can you offer them that will educate them, solve their problems and add value to their lives?

Do they need a how-to guide on choosing the right car? Maybe a ‘free personalised test-drive’ offer to make them feel important? Pick your content topic or offer based on what they need… because it’s all about them!

What is the right lead magnet for them?

A lead magnet is the offer or incentive to get your leads to give you their contact details – they get something of value and you get them into your nurture process.

This could take the form of a blog, webinar, special offer, video or infographic. Ideally, you want it to be easy to access and quick to digest with a lot of value so it’s an easy ask to get their details in return.

Phase 2. Your Visuals

Content marketing in 2020 is all about the visuals! Did you know that our brains process visual information over 60k times faster than text?

Visual content helps your message get through to your audience faster and stand out from all the other content online.

For example:
People are 85% more likely to buy a product after they watch a video about it and posts with images attract 180% more attention than without.

Whatever content you have chosen as your lead magnet, make sure you are using visuals to deliver it to your audience.

Pro tip – add a video to your landing page to grab attention and build trust from the get-go!

Phase 3. Powerful Promotions

So, now you have your ideal client and the perfect piece of content to attract their attention… what do you do with it?!

An example of an effective lead generation process is:

An attractive offer or piece of content advertised in a FB Ad/Blog/Social Post/etc. –> customer clicks through and lands on your amazing landing page –> enters their details in exchange for claiming said offer or content…

…and Voila, they enter your Nurture Phase!

This is the meaty part of your lead generation process, where you test different platforms, ads, headlines, calls to action and visuals to figure out what promotions attract the attention of your prospects.

Driving traffic to your content is a multi-step and multi-channel phase, but once you figure out the magic combinations to get a steady flow of leads into your database – this is gold to your business.

Phase 4. Nurture to Convert

Otherwise known as relationship-building!

Once you have their details, it’s time to warm them up with regular, targeted and personalised touch points so that they start to like, know and trust your brand.

This is NOT about drowning them in emails, offers and sales-pitches. You have a strategy in place and you understand your customer – now you can offer them value based on what you know they need.

Identify their goals, problems and challenges.

What can you offer to help them achieve their goals, solve their problems and overcome their challenges?

Create an email campaign that is personalised (uses their name/their company) and offers them information that they need now, with a goal of slowly guiding them through the buying journey until they commit – book in a test drive, call one of your sales reps or actually buy a car.

Build a ‘map’ of 6-12 emails and content pieces that will support them on their decision-making journey, and create relevant, helpful offers throughout which all lead them to getting in contact with you!

This becomes your automated ‘funnel’ which nurtures all your leads until they are ready to commit to you and your brand.

Of course, it’s not a set-and-forget tool either. It will need testing for open, unsubscribe and click-through rate to make sure that your audience is finding what you have to offer valuable.

Lead generation… it’s a process, but one which is worth creating as it can become the most valuable, profit-generating tool you have in your business.

Like all of your marketing, as long as you understand who you are trying to attract, connect with and convert, you can ensure your lead generation process is targeted to their wants and needs. Create a relationship with a targeted audience through the content you create, the nurture emails you send and every visual.

Remember. Don’t sell – offer value, and you will see a greater return on your marketing efforts!

Need help with any or all of the above phases? Our lead generation experts are just waiting for your call so they can spring into sales-funnel-building, lead-nurturing, split-testing action!

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