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7 Ridiculously easy ways to Create Website Experiences that Convert

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Are you looking for a few tricks to get more website traffic and conversions? Web design is an art but it’s also a science. You can make tweaks to your site that will give visitors the best user experience—and encourage them to take the desired action. 

Why your website should be your hardest working team member

Your website is your most powerful marketing tool. Think of it this way: your website is like a salesperson who never takes a break and is available 24/7.  It’s the face of your business online and should be optimised for conversions.  What does this mean? 

It means making sure that your website isn’t just designed to support SEO. Its primary purpose is to provide a fantastic user experience so good that it guides visitors towards the offer and entices them to take your desired action.  Without an optimised user experience, you risk visitors getting bored or confused and abandoning your website before they even get to your offer.  This means you won’t be able to take advantage of all the web traffic that you’ve worked so hard to get.

7 Ridiculously easy ways to Create Website Experiences that Convert1

There are a few simple hacks every business owner and marketer should consider when thinking about how a customer journey should play out on their website.  

  • Use White Space

This classic trick of creating white space helps highlight the important information on your pages and makes it easier to read. Think of it like highlighting only what you want people to take away from each page.  

  • Simple Navigation

People should be able to find what they need quickly and easily on your website. Keep navigation short, sweet, and simple.

  • Strategic Typography

Choose legible fonts that are easy to read and make sure text is large enough for readers to consume the content without difficulty.

  • Feature Relevant Images

Visuals help break up chunks of text and keep people engaged with the page. Make sure the images you use are high quality and directly related to the topic at hand so they’re not distracting or detracting from the message you’re trying to convey.

  • Actionable CTAs

Your calls to action should be clear and direct so visitors know exactly the next steps that are expected of them. Use effective copywriting in your buttons, headlines, and links to encourage people to act.

  • Web Page Optimization

Make sure all pages on your website are optimised for SEO, which will help you get more targeted traffic and conversions from organic search results.

  • Mobile Friendly Design

With mobile devices accounting for over 50 percent of web searches, it’s essential your site is designed with a mobile-first approach so visitors can quickly find what they need regardless of device type or size of the screen. 

Ready to make your website work hard for you? Follow these simple tricks to optimise your user experience and get more website traffic and conversions.  With a few tweaks here and there, you can revamp your site so it works for you—not against you.   Let’s do this!

7 Ridiculously easy ways to Create Website Experiences that Convert2

Bonus Hack – Don’t forget to  Track Your Web Pages

Testing is the best way to understand what visitors respond to on your website. Monitoring page metrics such as unique visits, bounce rate, time spent on page, etc., will help you understand where people are getting stuck or are taking action so that you can tweak things accordingly.   

If you’re looking for a kickass web design team that knows every conversion trick in the book, get in touch with FrogOnline.   We  are Web Design experts, specialising in creating website experiences that convert like crazy, all while appeasing the SEO gods.

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Why should I optimise my website for conversions?
Optimising your website for conversions helps ensure that you are taking advantage of all the web traffic that comes to your site. It also improves visitor experience, making it easier for them to find what they need and take action on your pages.
What do I need to do to optimise my website?
Some of the key things you can do to optimise your website include using white space, creating simple navigation, choosing strategic typography, featuring relevant images, adding actionable CTAs, optimising web pages for SEO, and designing a mobile-friendly website.
What if I need some help with Web Design?
FrogOnline is the Web Design experts, specialising in creating website experiences that convert like crazy, all while appeasing the SEO gods. Get in touch today to discuss your Web Design needs and let’s get started!
What other questions should I consider when optimising my website?
Some other important questions to consider are: What type of content resonates with your target audience? How can you make your pages more interactive and engaging? Are there any technical issues hindering user experience on your site? Do you have a good understanding of customer journey and user flow on the site? Answering these questions will help you refine your Web Design and create a better user experience.

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