What Is The ROI Of Using Data Insights?


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We all know that as a business, you need to be collecting data. But, now that you have inventory of your customer buying, browsing, searching and demographic information – how do you use it? And most importantly, how do you get ROI from your time and efforts?

Data is just information on its own. Data insights is using that information to improve your business and the way you market to your customer.

All your collected data is untapped gold and, if used strategically, can help you create smart systems and make decisions that will improve the profitability of your business!  

Let’s talk about a few ways you can implement this data in your business…

Defining and targeting ideal customers

Once you have the data from past customers, you are able to see where the majority are coming from, along with the important details such as their demographic, age and career. This allows you to create an avatar based on who you are attracting and converting – so you can target your marketing where it is already working best! 

Learning your niche

Now you have identified your ideal customers, can you niche in a way that will attract them even more – based on the data you have acquired? 

Are there certain aspects of your business or service that are specific to that customer, and how can you add to or magnify that side of your offering through your marketing? 

For example: if most of your ideal customers are doctors – can you create a service or package based on what you know they need, mention them specifically in your marketing, or position your business as a specialist in that area?  

Improving customer experience

Now you know who buys from you – how can you make the experience of buying from or working with you even easier? 

Can you add in specific upsells they will love, tailor your website navigation to meet their needs, or add in a bonus to make their lives better and your service more attractive?

Do they want to save time, get fewer notifications, be given more information… use the data to understand their buying habits and service experience and make your business irresistible to them!  

Digital marketing strategy

All of this customer insight can now drive your digital marketing strategy – 

  • Where do your customers hang out online? 
  • What ads do they click on? 
  • Do they buy the first time or shop around? 
  • What pages do they visit on your website? 

You can now create advertising, landing pages, opt-ins, email marketing and more that is targeted to specific people, and the unique ways they shop and buy!


After diving into your data, you might even need to make sure your branding is doing it’s part to appeal to the right crowd. 

  • Are your colours suited to how you want them to see you? 
  • Does your logo and font match the age and stage of your audience? 
  • Is all your marketing collateral consistent with who you are talking to and what they want to see? 

Your branding needs to align with who you are, and who you want to attract – and your data can help you do that.

Digital marketing without data insights is just spending time and money blindly – let’s put on the data insight glasses and market smart!

Are you collecting the right data and using it to drive the ROI on all your marketing?

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