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Why is Customer Journey Mapping Important?


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Track your customers experience from point A (first contact) to point B ($$$).

Nope, you don’t have to suddenly become a professional cartographer! A customer journey map is just a way of visually telling the ‘love’ story between you and your customers – from first contact to your happily-ever-after.

Why does this matter to your business?

A customer journey is much more than just ‘I offer, they buy’; it’s a series of touchpoints that all help build trust, brand awareness and eventually nurture them from a lead to a raving fan.

By mapping out every point of contact a customer has with you, you can track what each experience is like, and understand how you can improve those touchpoints for them and every other customer in future.

Creating your customer journey map.

This process both solidifies your marketing efforts and helps you step into the shoes of your customer and view your business from their perspective. 

  1. Identify how they get to know you. 

Social media, Google Ads, Website, Word of Mouth, visiting your store, meeting your team, talking to/emailing your admin… each of those are important touchpoints. 

2. In what order might they experience them? 

Map out the buying process – does it make sense? Does it happen in a logical order? Is it easy to understand how they go about contacting or buying from you? 

3. Step into their shoes.

Do you know what they experience at each of those points? What happens when they get in touch with you or talk to your staff? Is your branding consistent? What might cause a roadblock or objection to making a purchase?

4. Is each stage meeting your standards for customer service?

You want your customers to have a streamlined experience with your business, with each point re-enforcing your brand promise and messaging.  

Have you positioned yourself as a ‘friendly and welcoming’ brand? Excellent – is that their experience from ad copy to website and staff interactions? 

Do you ‘make their lives easier’? Amazing – what are you doing along their journey to make sure that is how they feel about your brand?

Using your map to improve your business!

Each stage in the ‘buying funnel’ is different and by mapping out what they are and understanding the experience at each point, you can see any gaps, issues or missing links and work towards optimising and improving them for your customer – and for the profit and sustainability of your business!

For example: you might have identified one customer journey is:

  • searching Google and clicking on your ad,
  • landing on your website,
  • contacting your admin,
  • making a booking,
  • showing up for their appointment,
  • and rebooking for their next appointment.

If your Analytics show you are getting lots of clicks on your ad, but not many people are contacting you, you can review your website to make sure it is clear and giving your customers the information they need to decide to call.

If you are receiving lots of calls, but no bookings, it’s time to review your admin staff and how they are handling the calls. Are they friendly? Do they have the right script or know the answers to help convert that query into a sale?   

If you have lots of initial bookings, but no second appointments, then you can review your follow-up or up-sell process. Are your staff actively working to book the 2nd appointment on the spot? Maybe you need an incentive and to offer a discount on the second appointment. 

Identifying where the gaps are in your customers experience and your business processes, gives you the insight into business development priorities so you can focus your efforts to improve where you need it most.

Have you created a customer map?

Mapping out your customer journey will highlight necessary improvements as well as potential opportunities you may never have noticed before – from possible upsells to changes that will make your customers experience memorable!

Need help? Talk to our team if you want to create effective customer journey maps that help streamline and improve your business to ensure your customers journey aligns with your business objectives and messaging.

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