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Why Property Developers will Outsource Lead Generation in 2022

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We all know selling property in a crowded market is no picnic. And if you’re a property developer, 2022 will be the year to reconsider the way your sales work.

You see the traditional way of selling a property just isn’t cutting it anymore and digital trends in 2022 will create an even bigger gap. The major traditional real estate platforms are overcrowded and it’s nearly impossible to stand out above the rest. Not only does the high competition mean your properties get lost in the noise, but you also have very limited capacity to create brand awareness. 

In 2022, savvy property developers will outsource lead generation to performance experts to shake up their sales processes. 

And here’s why.

You talk to your ideal target buyers where they are most responsive

Inhouse marketing teams are usually limited in their capacity to adequately research, test and optimise how and where they spend their budget. The result is ineffective, expensive marketing on overcrowded channels. 

The real pitfall of this strategy is that property buyers are no longer heading straight for real estate platforms to find their dream homes and investment opportunities.

Up to 45% of property buyers start with a Google search in their desired location. On top of this latent buyers aren’t necessarily searching for investment properties but will engage with investment opportunities when presented with them. 

In contrast, FrogOnline’s proprietary property lead generation system uses a multichannel strategy to deliver your project and properties to highly targeted audiences. We target your buyers where and when they are most engaged, relaxed and responsive. 

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We dominate decision making to generate up to 10x more qualified leads 

By using a unique combination of SEO, Google Search, paid social media, email and SMS to retarget your potential buyers we own their attention during the decision making process.

This increases your leads by up to 10x more than traditional real estate listing platforms.

Speak to high-quality, qualified leads

Some of our current clients have reported using lead generation campaigns where they were delivered dead leads and wasted hundreds of dollars calling wrong numbers – yet still had to pay for the lead. When calls did go through the leads often had no idea who the client was, what property they were selling and couldn’t remember giving their details. 

Not only is this a waste of your time and resources, but it can also be damaging for your brand by frustrating or surprising unprepared leads.

With in-house marketing, most businesses end up with the same result. Not only do you have to spend the time and energy creating and monitoring the funnel yourself, but your in-house team also has to spend the time qualifying and verifying leads – often wasting hours at a time chasing dead leads.

We take a different approach, using a customised and branded strategy to deliver your project to your target audience. This gives them full awareness of who you are and what your project is. 

Not only that, they have transparency over why they’re being asked to leave their contact details, and they receive nurture communications to inform them of what to expect next. We use a proprietary verification and qualification system so that each and every lead you receive is qualified against your set specifications including budget range, finance approval, location, preparedness to buy etc. 

The result for you is a maximised ROI with a consistent stream of hot leads that are ready to talk to you, and ready to buy.

Outsource all the effort and risk to the experts

By far the most common question our future clients ask is, ‘why shouldn’t we just do this in-house?’ Sure, most marketing teams can run a generic lead generation campaign that will use your branding. However, it’s extremely rare for a property developer or real estate agency to have a full team of performance experts to design, manage and optimise a campaign.

To do it well and to get the quality and quantity of leads we deliver, you need to have a copywriter, graphic designer, paid performance specialists, web developers, campaign managers, SEO specialist and – most importantly – lead generation experts.

It takes a lot of time and energy to get the campaign right, monitor and analyse, optimise and deliver. Specialists like ours at FrogOnline do this for a living, every day. We have the knowledge and experience to avoid costly mistakes – and when on the rare occasion we make them – it comes out of our pocket, not yours.

So, why waste your team’s resources and energy on a strategy that can be outsourced to experts? When we do the work you get all the benefits. Let your team dive into 2022 with a strong focus on building partnerships, selling property and building your public profile. All the while, you’ll be receiving a steady flow of hot leads directly into your CRM. 

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