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Why You Should Be On WordPress And How To Find The Right WordPress Developer.

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So you want a new website?

Let’s talk WordPress – what it is and why you should use it!

If you are currently trying to choose a website building software and content management system, you will definitely have WordPress on your list of options to consider – after all, it is the world’s most used CMS at a 59.4% market share… compared to Joomla at number 2 with just 6%!

Our team have built hundreds of websites and, by far, both our website designers, digital marketers – and customers! – prefer to use WordPress.

Why does it tick so many boxes?

1 – it’s super user-friendly! ✔

WordPress was designed so that everyone with access to a computer can use it easily and effectively. That means that once you’ve had it professionally designed and set up, if you are so inclined, you can take full control and edit text, images, add blogs and more whenever you want. Website designers used to hold their clients hostage because only those who knew the ins and outs of coding could manage any updates – very costly for the client! Now, with such a user-friendly interface, you can more easily DIY.

2 – WordPress is a 100% Open-source platform ✔

What does that mean? It means that anyone can download and use the code (in the WordPress Codex) to add whatever design or functionality they wish to their website. Of course, you might still prefer to use a WordPress developer – especially for the big stuff – but you have the option to DIY – making it a super cost-effective choice for small businesses.

3 – Heaps of Online Support ✔

As WordPress has millions of active users, teams of developers, and a large online community with question and discussion forums, if you need help or assistance, it’s much easier to find what you need. There are also hundreds of blogs dedicated to all things WordPress with tips and tricks that you can access for free. With so many people using it and sharing their problems and how-to guides, the odds are much higher that someone has already encountered, and solved, whatever issue you are working on.

4 –Plugins up the Wazoo! ✔

Do you need to add a form, a FAQ section or a membership portal? There’s a plugin for that. There are loads of free WordPress plugins available, along with paid options for higher functionality, that you can access and install easily on your website. They are generally simple to use and a quick and easy way to update and improve the functionality of your website. But don’t go overboard as this can cause issues in the future.

5 –SEO-ready ✔

If your website isn’t search engine optimization… it might as well not exist. Luckily for websites developed on WordPress, they are SEO optimized by default, and recognised by search engines across the board. The former head of Google’s webspam team, Matt Cutts, said that “sites built with WordPress are capable of ranking higher in search results because the CMS takes care of 80-90% of Google’s crawling issues.” There are also, of course, plenty of plugins, like Akismet and Yoast, you can use to increase the SEO-optimisation of your website, so you have no excuse for a poor ranking!

6 – Safe and Secure ✔

Worried about hackers or spam? While you still have to put in the work and stay on-top of updates and tweaks to keep your site secure, WordPress is one of the best when it comes to security. They release regular updates and security patches and top-notch plugins, many of them free, you can use to improve your websites security. For example, WordPress attracts around 132 million spammers a month – but the plugin Aksimet stops 99.9% of the spam. As long as you keep it updated and use the right plugins, your site should stay safe and sound.

So now that you know all this… how do you choose the right WordPress developer for your website?

What do you need?
List out the functionality your business requires (subscriptions, client portals or e-commerce) so you know upfront if they can provide all you need in-house and if they can show you examples from previous clients.

What’s their on-boarding process like?
Do they sit down with you to understand your goals, and why you want a website in the first place? Websites aren’t a one-size-fits all, and they should be able to offer suggestions and ideas that are specific to your business based on what you will need to grow.
Do they offer after-care or just build and bill?

Most websites will require ongoing management to make sure they are delivering the quality and results you need, not just sitting there looking pretty. In fact not maintaining your website is just simply crazy. If you can find an agency who can, not just build your website, but drive quality leads to it and use SEO to maintain its organic reach, you will get the most out of your investment.

While every website, regardless of size, should be designed, built and optimised by professionals, WordPress provides the options small businesses need to keep costs down in the long run, without compromising on quality. In our experience, WordPress is a safe, versatile, reliable and accessible option for business websites that work.

At FrogOnline we pride ourselves on ticking all the boxes here when we build websites for our clients. We want you to have a website that not only looks great but converts and we follow best practices to make sure that happens. Contact us today to discuss your website needs.


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