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Why You Should be Thinking About Website Visitors

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There’s a good reason why we at FrogOnline recommend that people use a web designer instead of creating a DIY web solution – even if they are pretty OK at webdesign. Why’s that, then? you ask. Is it because we make money? Of course there’s that, but that’s not the main reason. See, when you buy a Be Seen Online solution from FrogOnline, and you’re not successful for whatever reason, you are not going to subscribe again for years to come.

We’re invested in your success, which is why, when you buy a website from us, we want to talk about your visitors. Yes, we’ll find out about your goals, your brand and your products, but your visitors is who we really want to know about. Getting to know who they are and what makes them tick, is our secret weapon to ensuring that your site is a huge success.

Why We Want to Talk About Your Website Visitors

You have probably heard of responsive web design before. Responsive design is all about providing your website visitors with a seamless experience to access the content of your site across all their devices. It makes it easier for you to easily maintain your website and to optimise it for the search engines, and it makes managing content a breeze. So if you’re looking for an attractive, mobile-friendly site that your users love – you can’t go wrong with a new responsive design.

But the differences between the old way of doing things and modern responsive design, necessitate a new mindset: We have to talk about your website visitors.

9 Reasons Why You Should Be Thinking About Your Website Visitors

When a new client speaks to us about creating a new site, or improving on their existing site, we like to talk about website visitors. We want to know who they need to visit, and why people want to visit their sites, instead of that of the competition. That ensures that our team of web designers, graphic designers, marketing experts and copywriters create a solution that delivers on client expectations.

Once we know exactly who we’re dealing with, we can use the other best practices for a top quality converting website:

Mobile Friendly – When it comes to design, don’t forget that the bulk of visitors use smartphones and tablets to connect. Your site should have a clean layout with plenty white-space and good font sizing to ensure visitors enjoy using the site.

Calls-to-Action – A huge aspect of usability is being able to quickly move from one step to the next. If you’re selling a product or service, people should be able to click on your call-to-action quickly and easily to learn more, sign up or buy.

Contact Information – Your contact details should be displayed in a prominent place across all your web pages to make it easy for someone to find, and your forms should be easy to use with as few fields as possible.

Social Connections – A great way to stand out, is to allow visitors to get in touch or follow you on social media. Use a few platforms and add the buttons to your profiles.

Forget Flash – Flash is not mobile friendly. Just don’t use it!USP – What makes you stand out from your competitors? How can you make a better first impression? What do you do that they don’t? Use that to create a unique and memorable sales proposition.

Updates – Ensure that your plugins are always up-to-date – that’s if you’re using the a CMS framework.Images – Use the same image style across your site. That will ensure that you have a cohesive brand and it will keep your visitors’ eyes and mind aligned as they browse the different pages on your site. Please stay away from clip art!

Fonts – By all means, use a cool and different font for accents. Helvetian Sans offers a variety of universal, easily readable fonts that work across multiple sites. They are easy to read and work well on mobile. However, don’t use more than 3 different fonts on your website, as it will look messy.

By now you understand why you should talk about your website visitors. Knowing what they like will ensure that your site speaks to them in their “language”. A suitable design ensures that your visitors will feel a connection with you, which is more likely to push them through the sales funnel.

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